Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Did You Know...

 Did ya'll know that its really hard to get back to doing anything when you've taken a month off?

 I sure didn't...until this week. But I am back, back to posting and back in Boone.  I had a lovely Christmas and a great start to the new year. I started back to classes today. Yay! including a business law, British Lit, and Currently Political Issues  (dropped after 10 mins in the class) Anthropology, History and Culture, Bio II, and...... Snowboarding! Now that'll be interesting with me not being the smallest and most athletic girl in the world....But every Tuesday till march i'll be doing it so keep me in your prayers.

Now the projects I completed before the holidays we all for family Christmas presents here are a few pictures from them in use........

My dad's quilt for Christmas, I think he really liked to
 have his own since didn't really share it that much 

One of the items I gave my sister Amanda,
she doesn't have pictures of  the other items I gave her

Binder Cover

Spiral notebook cover

Pencil Roll up for my sister Hannah

New Grocery Bag holder for my mom,
 Kinda wanted to keep it for myself

Quilted Coasters for my mother. 8 for each season!

I made a few more things but like always I forgot to take pictures of them.  Also for Christmas I got lots of batting, a quilting hoop, perl cotton, new fabric, covered button maker, and other small but awesome supplies!  Thats all for today but more will come as I bit by the quilting bug again in this new year! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Ornament Swap!

Ok, I signed up to do my first swap about a month ago, it was a Christmas swap.

I forgot to take pictures of the ornament I made for Katie (oops...I do that a lot actually).  But she is awesome and put pictures of it up on my her blog you can see it here. I haven't been posting a lot lately because its finals week at App State which means I've lost my mind and haven't been able to find it.

But today I got my swap present!  I got an cute ornament, post card, and a bar of Godiva chocolate.  It was the perfect thing to arrive today. It really cheered me up after my Calculus with business applications Final.

Owl and Chocolate!

The cutest owl ever,
She did an awesome job making something that I love!

I haven't finished all my Christmas presents yet but I will have by Friday before I go home for break.   And maybe by Christmas I'll be able to find my mind again! And after Christmas I'll put up pictures of the gifts I made this year! 

 Remember only 11 more Crafting days until Christmas, Don't waste them!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well there aren't anymore official Works in Progress Wednesday until after the holidays but here's the unofficial scoop on whats going on in my dorm room....

I have dad's quilt top done I followed That girl...that quilt's  Chasing chevrons quilt-a-long
I went a little crazy this weekend and made 60 blocks in a day and a half....then the next day sewed them to rows and yesterday completed the quilt top.

However when I laid the blocks out in the design that Mrs. Jennifer at That girl...that quilt gave us, it just didn't look right with the colors I chose.  So I took the other option and made my own layout, now i'm done with that and just have to quilt it.

The five colors i'm using on my TV tray turned ironing board

The original layout, I've seen others in this layout but mine was just too random to pull off a random pattern as well.

My fancy-smancy layout...

Yay! the quilt top finished...its supposed to a throw but it would actually fit a twin bed perfectly.

I didn't have enough space in my room to layout the quilt top for pictures, so I took it to the third floor lobby
...right as a cop comes walking around the corner to investigate the room
 that always has the funny smelling smoke coming out of it... but that's Appalachian 

So since I decided I didn't want to baste and quilt the Chasing Chevrons quilt last night, I got working on another present.

its another binder cover with wonky blocks....

A wonderful tutorial for these blocks can be found at Sew We Quilt, currently my favorite quilting blog

Binder cover top is done now it just needs to be quilted

So I have gotten so work done this week...but i realized last night my Christmas ornament swap needs to be sent out on Friday, so that my next project will be getting that done and sent out!  
I will leave ya'll with this as we realize how close Christmas is actually getting.....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

W.I.P Wednesday

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

It was the first real snow of the semester on campus yesterday so I had to share some of my pictures! Isn't it just beautiful?

The pretty berries on the bush in front of my dorm
We put A's on the top of our trees up here!

I love this picture of the river stream on campus
and you can still see the bell tower in the back ground.

Anyways to the quilt-y stuff!

Works in Progress

Finished projects...ummm... yeah about that....    
I finished the list of what i'm gonna make for everyone...does that count?  I started on my Christmas ornaments, my dad's Christmas quilt, and more Christmas embroidery. And since I've had no finishes everything from last week is still on the table. 

Wow I really need to get serious about Christmas

And for more quilt-y inspiration....
check out

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back in Boone...with a Christmas Tree!

My Tree! white with blue lights just like my grandmothers used to be.
I made the topper last night i'm going to do something prettier for it later on.

So I took a break from posting while I was home for thanksgiving. It was a really great week I got to spend some good time with my family. Thanksgiving was great. I did do the crazy black Friday shopping with my sisters and cousins. We started at midnight and went until 7 am Friday morning. I did get some good deals but for the most part we did it more for the experience than anything else. Sunday was my oldest sister's birthday she turned 30. For her birthday part of her present I gave her a fabric covered canvas that I embroidered her new motto onto, and a couple of other things.

the design for it I made it on paint

However, my shopping on Saturday was all about saving. My mother and I went shopping at Joann's (it may be called Joann, but I'm spelling the way I say it).  I got soooo much fabric it was fantastic. Then we went to our local quilt shop in Fayetteville, its called Quilt N'Tiques, for small business Saturday. The ladies who work there are so nice. They don't carry the type of fabric I'm usually into (they mostly carry civil war reprints) but they did have some very pretty fat quarters. And they had a sale on old quilt magazines, patterns, and books. I went through and picked out some that were interesting, my mom bought them for my stocking! Oh and I did a little cyber Monday shopping at Missouri Star Quilt Co. I am stocked up for Christmas, it's great! 

I finally got the fabric to start on the quilt I'm making for my father for christmas. it is The chasing chevrons quilt a long from that girl...that quilt. And so I have gotten all half square triangles made and four blocks out of sixty done.

I chose a red and grey theme so that hopefully it'll be pretty and guy-ish.

Oh, and I also got an iron from my mom! So now I don't have to use my flat iron on anything for my hair! Super exciting times. and it looks like I'm in a snow-globe when I look outside my window!

Just for Fun

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going Home for Thanksgiving!

Its been a busy weekend.  Yesterday for my Women in American Society class we had to attend a cultural event.  It was at the Hickory Ridge living history museum.  It turned out to be pretty cool experience. I really wanted to take some pictures to post on here but my phone which is the only camera I have, was broken.  We got to make beeswax candles and corn husk dolls. I also tried rabbit, which was ok. It really does taste like chicken.  But other than that we got to see them making nails and stuff in the blacksmiths shop, shoot muskets, throw tomahawk, and try to start a fire using flint. It was an entertaining afternoon.

This is the corn husk doll that I made

Ok so I also said that I would post about projects that i'm excited about starting.
Funky pot holders- a chance to try out some new block ideas
Coasters- more embroidery practice or based solely on the quilting design
Pencil roll up- Christmas presents anybody?
A manly laptop sleeve- a very big challenge
The chevron quilt along- I need to get the background fabric so I can start making my blocks.
And The  ornament swap i'm signed up for- need to get some supplies and get started

So these are a few of the projects I want to start working on the wonderful thing is this list is constantly increasing!
Oh yeah and I got my bus ticket so I'm heading home for Thanksgiving! I'll have a whole week home!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hi Everybody!
Its that time of the week again, Works in Progress Wednesday.

Works in Progress (that haven't made any progress)
The Sunkissed 16-patch ( on hold until after christmas)
Mug Cozy

This week I'm working on a little Christmas Embroidery! 

Christmas Embroidery Pattern Victorian Christmas Embroidery Pattern Hand Embroidery
I downloaded this pack of patterns from BigB!
Oh and this isn't my embroidery this is the picture from her etsy shop.
I would put a picture of mine but it would just be a piece of fabric with some blue lines on it. It isn't even in the hoop yet.

I'm also working on this binder cover and i'm super excited because I made it using some of the charm packs I sorted Last week.

All I have left now to do on it is to add the pockets on the inside so it'll hold the binder and the binding
One finish I made this week is a gameboy ds sleeve with a snap on holder for the little game cartridges 
I tried to make it boyish which was really hard cause I buy "pretty" fabric.

The edges aren't perfect on my zippered pouch. But over all i'm really happy with how it turned out.

Ok, so this post seems really really long so tomorrow I'll tell everyone what projects i'm looking forward to starting soon if now this week. 

And look for more inspiring posts on

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